With over 40 years of collective experience in the drinks industry, Jem Rogers, Dee Davies and Danny Walker came together to create The Bristol Syrup Company. From distilling gin, to stocking coffee shops worldwide and launching new spirit brands, the trio have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to products of the liquid variety.

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Jem Rogers

Jem has been involved in the speciality coffee industry since he started his career as a young barista. At the time, he saw a gap in the UK coffee market for syrups and barista gear. 20 years later, the company he co-founded, Beyond the Bean, create syrup, smoothie, hot chocolate, frappé and sell to over 50 countries worldwide. A big cocktail fan, he called on the expertise of Dee & Danny to help him develop a range of cocktail syrups to be made right here in Bristol. After lots of research on both sides of the bar, the Bristol Syrup Company was born. Jem loves surfing, skiing and tradeshows.

Favourite Syrup: 'Demerara, because it makes a damn good Caipiriña!'

Favourite Cocktail: 'Sitting on the beach in Portugal having an aftersurf Caipiriña or Mojito - you can't beat it!'

"I'm massively excited to have the opportunity to combine my passions - syrups and cocktails!"

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Dee Davies

Dee is the creator and brand ambassador of Jinzu, a British gin with a Japanese twist. The creation made Dee the winner of the 2013 Diageo ‘Show Your Spirit’ competition, and cemented her name within the bar industry. She was also crowned the winner of Imbibe's Hot Stuff Award in 2016. Until recently having her first baby (the youngest member of the Bristol Syrup Company team) Finn, Dee managed Red Light bar in Bristol. A true cocktail queen, she definitely knows her way around a speed-rail but insists she is equally talented at crochet and baking.

Favourite Syrup: 'Passionfruit because of its tropical goodness!'

Favourite Cocktail: 'Mint julep, it's simple, tasty and hits the spot every time. I love this cocktail so much I've got it tattooed on me.'

"I've got such a strong conviction for these syrups. They're a huge component in cocktails and so often lack the love they deserve. Bristol Syrup Company are passionate about giving syrups the respect they should have."

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Danny Walker

Danny is co-founder of Psychopomp - a micro distillery in Bristol, producing small batch craft distilled spirits using 30 litre copper pot stills. He’s also an international award winning bartender (International Master Bartender of the Year, 2008) and one of the key organisers of Bristol Cocktail Week. Rarely seen without his pork pie hat, you will most likely find Danny up to something spirits related in Bristol. He's a passionate foodie so when he isn't working, you’ll find him at home cooking or out at one of Bristol's many awesome restaurants.

Favourite Syrup: 'Fruit Cup, it's a great way to make your own take on the classic fruit cup cocktail using whichever gin you prefer, it also makes a great none alcoholic drink option at outdoor events.'

Favourite Cocktail: 'Daiquiri, one of the best all round classic drinks, it’s great how something with just three ingredients can be so variable and versatile. It's always been my go to test of a bar, if they can make a great daiquiri then they are alright in my book.'

"I am super excited to be launching the Bristol Syrup Company Range, we are really pleased with the liquids and can't wait to get them into the hands of great bartenders to see what they can create"