The Best Pink Drinks For Your Valentine's Cocktail Lists.

Not only has dry January passed but that much needed post-Christmas pay check has finally settled in your bank account. So with the gloomiest of months fading in our rear-view mirror, it's time to start getting all romantic for Valentines. Whether you're flying solo, part of a duo or something decidedly more modern, V-day is impossible to ignore. Around 15 million cards are exchanged on February 14th, making it the second most popular card giving holiday (after good ol' chrimbo of course.)

Whilst we try every trick in the book (short of physically sawing our tables in half) to fit as many couples in as possible, let's ponder a little history of the fated day. A few different stories surround St Valentine. Some say he was arrested for marrying young lovers in secret, against the wishes of  Emperor Claudius II, to stop the husbands being sent to war. Others say it was for trying to convert people to Christianity. One tale even claims he cured his jailer's daughter of blindness and on the day of his execution and left a note signed "your Valentine". Whichever is true, all agree he was martyred for his cause sometime around mid Feb and it was supposedly all very romantic. Despite not quite knowing exactly what he did, here are some suitably pink drinks in honour of St Valentine. 

Clover Club

Clover Club

The king of the pink drink! Created pre-prohibition in a Philadelphia gentleman's club of the same name. This classic cocktail hits all the bases, well balanced, great mouth-feel and sexy as hell.

Shake, then dry shake. Strain into a coupette and serve.


Queen of hearts

She made some tarts, all on a summers day!
This cocktail is reminiscent of the ever popular Bakewell, with almond and jam notes, sweet and easy going.

Shake and strain into a hi-ball filled with cubed ice, garnish with a paper straw and a cherry.

El Presidente + Dollins

El Presidente

This most serious of pink drinks was created in the early 1900's in honour of Mario García Menocal, President of Cuba at the time. It's simple, it's tasty and it's noticeably different from most other cocktails sharing its hue.

Stir and serve up, garnish with an orange zest.

Written by Dee Davies